List of Documents Reproduced in Facsimile
A Note on the Documents
Glossary of Individuals and Organizations
Chronology of American Communism

Ch. 1 Background 3
A Brief History of the American Communist Party 4
The Clandestine Activities of the CPUSA 14
The Question of Joseph McCarthy 15
The Historiographic Debate 17

Ch. 2 Clandestine Habits: The 1920s and the Early 1930s 20
The Comintern and Covert Operations 20
John Reed and Clandestine Funding of American Communism 21
Julius and Armand Hammer 26
Other Secret Communications 31
The Pan-Pacific Trade Union Secretariat 42
Earl Browder and Undercover Operations in Asia 42
Harrison George and the Secret Work of the PPTUS 49
Agnes Smedley, Comintern Agent 60

Ch. 3 The Secret Apparatus of the CPUSA: The Early Years 71
The CPUSA Establishes Its Secret Apparatus 71
J. Peters and the Secret Apparatus, 1932-1938 73
Rudy Baker Replaces J. Peters 83
The Washington Communist Underground, 1933-1943 96
The Ware Group and the La Follette Committee 96
Peters and the Washington Informant Group, 1943 106
Copying Confidential State Department Letters, 1936 110

Ch. 4 The Secret Apparatus Branches Out 119
The Secret Apparatus under Rudy Baker, 1938-1940 119
Fighting Ideological Deviationists and Other Enemies 124
Weeding Out Internal Enemies 125
Stealing the Files of Party Enemies 128
Enforcing Ideological Conformity 132

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