Max, the Agent Who Wouldn't Go Home, 1939-1942 147
Fighting Deviationists and Bad Elements in the Spanish Civil War 151
The Surveillance of Bertram Wolfe, 1937 153
The Death of Albert Wallach, 1938 155
"Suspicious Individuals and Deserters" in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion 183

Ch. 5 Other Faces of the Secret World 188
Ann Cadwallader Coles, a Southern Artist in the Secret World 188
American Communists and Soviet Radio Propaganda, 1937-1942 195
Williana Burroughs, New York Teacher and Soviet Radio Propagandist 199
American Students in the International Lenin School 202
American Communists in Red Army Uniforms, 1936 203

Ch. 6 The American Communist Party, the Secret Apparatus, and the NKVD 205
The Brother-Son Network in World War II 205
The Brother-Son Network and Soviet Atomic Espionage 216
Morris Cohen, Atomic Spy 217
Recruiting Japanese Cadre for the Comintern 226
Earl Browder and the NKVD 232
Earl Browder as an NKVD Talent Spotter, 1940 233
Margaret Browder, NKVD Agent, 1938 238
Irene Browder, Commissar with "Emergency Powers" 243
Earl Browder's "Back Channel" to the White House 249

Ch. 7 The American Communist Underground Fights World War II 259
The CPUSA, the OSS, and Soviet Intelligence 259
Recruiting Veterans of the International Brigades for the OSS, 1941-1945 259
Eugene Dennis, William Donovan, and the Infiltration of the OSS and OWI 266
Reporting on the American Embassy in Moscow, 1942-1943 286

Ch. 8 Soviet Intelligence and American Communists, 1942-1945 292
NKVD and GRU Inquiries about Americans 294
Judith Coplon, Soviet Spy 294
Albert Feierabend, Soviet Agent 296

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