Reviews and Comments

"A memorable, powerful book….  One of this year's most significant books about twentieth-century American Political History." 
David J. Garrow

"The story told by this book is as gripping as a spy thriller, as sobering as a douse of ice water." 
Roger Kimball

"This book contains the first new revelations about American communism in a generation.  It is superbly edited and admirably presented.  No one interested in the history of American communism can afford to miss it."
Theodore Draper

"I want to begin by giving credit where it is due. The authors . . . have pulled off a formidable achievement in archival research. No one will be able to write about the C.P.U.S.A. in the future without reference to this volume. Unlike the notoriously unreliable testimony offered recently by former K.G.B. agents on topics such as atomic espionage, the Comintern documents that Klehr, Haynes and Firsov have uncovered are almost surely the real thing. . . . Interpretations will vary; the documents will stand. Klehr, Haynes and Firsov are, in short, worthy opponents in what has been and, I expect, will remain hotly contested historical terrain. "
Maurice Isserman

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