With the publication of this book, the debate about whether the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) was a genuinely home-grown movement or a tool of the Soviet Union has been finally answered. . "This is one of those seminal books that do not merely contribute to a debate, but effectively end it." From Kirkus Reviews , January 15, 1998

From Sam Tanenhaus
"[This book] is the first important study of the relations between American Communists and theUSSR since Theodore Draper's 'American Communism and Soviet Russia', published in 1960." -- New York Review of Books

From Library Journal
Histories of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) all build on Theodore Draper's classic The American Communist Party: A Critical History, 1919-1957 (1957. o.p.). The recent opening of Soviet archives to scholars has generated a new spate of books. This one is a companion to the authors' earlier The Secret World of American Communism (Yale Univ., 1995), and follows the same format of interspersing reproduced documents with well-informed narrative. The authors focus on the CPUSA's relationship with the Communist International (Comintern), whose mission was to spread world communism from its inception in 1919. The Comintern, they conclude, closely directed the CPUSA, allowing little independence in the American party's daily functioning. "

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