Dubious Alliance:
The Making of Minnesota's DFL Party

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1. Introduction 3

CHAPTER 2. The Farmer-Labor Party in the Mid-1930s 9
     The 1936 Election
      Minneapolis, the First Factional Battle
       Factional Rumblings in St. Louis and Ramsey Counties, 1937- 1938

CHAPTER 3. Open Factionalism 34
     Anti-Communists Take Command
     Democrats and the First Merger Attempt

CHAPTER 4. World War and Factional Crosscurrents 47
     The Continuity of Factions
     Presidential Politics in 1940
     The Second Democratic Merger Initiative

CHAPTER 5. Popular Front Victory 71
     Popular Front Isolation
     Benson, Roosevelt, and the War

CHAPTER 6. The Factional Battle, 1942-1943 89
     The 1942 Election
     The Last Charge of the Old Guard
     Hubert Humphrey and Independent Labor Politics in Minneapolis

CHAPTER 7. The Road to Merger 107
     Hubert Humphrey and the United Labor Committee

CHAPTER 8. The Renewal of Open Factional Strife 125
     The Popular Front on the Offensive
     Humphrey and the Revival of Anti-Communist Liberalism

CHAPTER 9. Preparing for Armageddon .144
     Mobilization of the AFL and the Farm Cooperatives
     Formation of the Americans For Democratic Action
     Rebirth of an Organized Anti-Communist CIO Faction
     On the Eve of Battle

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