Calvin Coolidge and the Coolidge Era:
Essays on the History of the 1920's
John Earl Haynes (Editor)

Hardcover, 368pp. ISBN:
Publisher: Library of Congress & University Press of New England, 1998

The twelve essays in this volume, originally presented to a 1995 Library of Congress symposium, seek to reassess the history of the 1920s and, in particular, the presidency of Calvin Coolidge, in accordance with the latest research.

Table of Contents

Preface: JAMES H. BILLINGTON, Librarian of Congress
Introduction: JOHN EARL HAYNES
1. Calvin Coolidge and the Last Arcadia:  PAUL JOHNSON
2. The American Polity in the Age of Normalcy: A Reappraisal: JOHN BRAEMAN
3. Re-Shifting Perspectives on the 1920s: Recent Trends in
            Social and Cultural History: LYNN DUMENIL
4. Coolidge, Hays, and 1920s Movies: Some Aspects of Image
             and Reality: DANIEL J. LEAB
5. Calvin Coolidge, the Man and the President: ROBERT H. FERRELL
6. The "Great Enigma" and the "Great Engineer": The Political Relationship of
               Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover GEORGE H. NASH
7. The American Economy of the Interwar Era: Growth and Transformation
                from the Great War to the Great Depression:
                 MICHAEL A. BERNSTEIN
8. New Estimates of Income Shares During the 1920s:  GENE SMILEY
9. America and the World in the 1920s: WARREN I. COHEN
10. Made in the U.S.A.: Mass Culture and the Americanization of Working-Class
                 Ethnics in the Coolidge Era: RONALD EDSFORTH
11. "Now at Last We Can Begin!": The Impact of Woman Suffrage
                  in New York: ELISABETH I. PERRY
12. American Foreign Policy: The European Dimension, STEPHEN A. SCHUKER


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